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In 2018, 20 teams of talented young people from all over the world demonstrated their full potential and passion for three days in the city of Barcelona, Spain. We experienced an exciting tournament as we celebrated the first female 5v5 where we witnessed an epic final between the favorite Canada and the Brazil team, in which the members of the "carioca" team turned out to be the winners. In the men's final, we had an impressive match between Argentina and  Panama, which after a hard battle, the Panamanians were declared winners. With great dedication, effort and talent, these two teams won their trophy and the prize to attend "El Clásico 2018" live from the Camp Nou.

Day 01

Video Recap

Day 01Video Recap

Day 02

Video Recap

Day 02Video Recap

Day 03

Video Recap

Day 03Video Recap