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On June 1, 2017, 15 teams from around the globe brought their talent and passion for the game to the United Kingdom. An exciting two-day tournament took place in London; players competed for the grand prize to attend the Champions League final in Cardiff on June 3, 2017. The big winner was Colombia; they got to the final undefeated. Their amazing skills and strong connection as a team led them to be crowned the champions of Gatorade 5v5 2017. Gatorade was present from start to finish, and helped boost the talent of these young players, to transform their game and take it to another level.

Day 01

Video Recap

Day 01Video Recap

G-MODE    Day 01

Day 02

Video Recap

Day 02Video Recap

G-MODE    Day 02

Day 03

Video Recap

Day 03Video Recap

G-MODE    Day 03