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High hopes for youth footballers as GATORADE® 5v5 global finals in Barcelona begin today

  • The global finals of the 2018 edition of GATORADE®’s 5v5 youth soccer tournament are taking place this May 5 in Barcelona, Spain
  • 20 teams from 19 countries are competing to take home the GATORADE®’s 5v5 champion title.
  • The global champions will win tickets to participate in an exclusive GATORADE® experience at the El Clasico match on May 6.

Barcelona – May (DATE), 2018. The final count-down for the global final of the 2018 GATORADE®5v5 Soccer Tournament in Barcelona starts now. The tournament, now in its third year, is organized by GATORADE®, the sports fueling company. It aims to support young footballers between the ages of 14-16 and give them a chance to be part of a global tournament, experience Gatorade’s innovation and science-based support to professional players, and compete on behalf of their country.

The draw took place April 17 and placed the qualifying teams into 4 groups as follows:

Group A: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Italy and Panama

Group B: Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Uruguay and USA

Group C: Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras-Tegu, Paraguay and Peru

Group D: Brazil, Canada, Honduras-Sula, Nicaragua and Spain

Outside of the games themselves, teams will get to live a GATORADE® soccer experience during their time in the Spanish city, visiting Barcelona’s world famous La Masia training center and Camp Nou stadium. In addition, they will receive tickets to attend the El Clasico match on May 6—but only if they emerge victorious over all their opponents.

“GATORADE® is about performing at your best, but also about the camaraderie involved in sports, especially soccer, and the excitement of competition and if all goes well, the euphoria that comes with a well-fought victory. 5v5 embodies these values, and we are extremely excited to be able to provide these talented young soccer players from 19 countries around the world a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience in Barcelona that they’ll never forget,” said Jill Leccia, Gatorade Sr. Director, PepsiCo Latin America.

A major element of this year’s tournament is the continuation of partnerships with local NGOs dedicated to supporting youth and social inclusion through sports. Gatorade is partnering with FUDE Foundation in Argentina, Juan Cuadrado Foundation in Colombia, Creer Foundation in Peru and Gurises Unidos in Uruguay to train and prepare more teams to participate in the tournament. GATORADE’s aim is to expand the opportunity of the 5v5 tournament to all.

“At GATORADE®, we believe in fueling athletes” performance and helping them reach peak performance, and we know that the path to success in athletics begins at a young age. Regardless of who emerges victorious, we are beyond thrilled to have fueled thousands of young soccer players around the world to pursue their athletic dreams via the GATORADE® 5v5 tournament. Jill Leccia, Gatorade Sr. Director, PepsiCo Latin America.

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